Myth Is Now Reel!
There are many games that take our enjoyment and imagination back to the days of myth and legend, but few can capture this era as well as the sight of Medusa or a Minotaur in the slot game Myth. Play’n GO has provided this return to lore and legendary characters with a gamers delight. Yes, there are many machines online that have a theme of Greek history, or at the very least Greek numerals, or even alphabet. Myth slots online, however, relies on the classic indulgence of pure nostalgia gaming fun.

One of the great features of the slot online fun of Myth is that it can be played for free. Just settle down into your favourite chair or enjoy a cup of morning coffee and be transported back to the era past of the Trojan Warriors and the Cyclops. But fear not, this wonderland of whimsy also provides the opportunity to rake in money for real. Yes, game play allows for wagering warriors to take a chance at avoiding Medusa’s stare, managing the maze of the Minotaur, and targeting the vision of the Cyclops with your trusty javelin to gain lucre and lore.

How to play
Myth is, of course, about combining symbols to unlock the wins. This opportunity comes by way of 5 horizontal rows and 3 vertical reels. And as with most contemporary gaming slots online, the lines of pay-out are 20. Although the graphics are not of the latest quality available for game creation, the era-centric theme begs forgiveness by keeping true to the archaic times and actually enhances the experience set in far simpler times. True gamers will recognize this as they seek their fun or fortune.

The symbols also include a dog with three heads historically referred to as Cerberus who joins the aforementioned characters. The warrior, who is valuably symbolic, should not be undervalued, for he is indeed a wild symbol. As this Trojan combatant appears across the reels and rows, his mission is to change the fate of the gamer. His goal is to replace icons to create more reward opportunity for the gamer. Rewards can reach to 5,000 if reels are covered on a line of pay. The scatter feature is displayed by the Jug of Amphora, and when the lucky punter or gamer finds this, additional rewards and chances are revealed.

There are double wilds and awarded spins that can allot up to three times the player’s prize. The provided spins are actuated by the sight of the golden jug which numbers from three to five at any location on the display. But there is more. There is an added feature to the given turns and that is a triple-multi which adds to your loot by three times. More spins may be activated once again by the scatter symbol appearing at least three times, and for those whom fortune favours these can total up to four times their original applied freebies.

Myth slots provide online fun for the daily gamer and the avid punter. There is nothing over the top, but this game should definitely not be at the bottom of anyone’s gaming list. It is in essence an organic enjoyment of online gaming fun. And that’s no Myth!

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Cool Wolf

Amazing! Watch the geek turn into a werewolf at night in Cool Wolf!

Microgaming is one of the most popular software developers out there. Everyone wants to work with Microgaming, hence, if you already have an online gaming account, the chances are (very) high that you have already tried their games. Some are older than others, and some pay more while others focus on the fun. Cool Wolf is somewhere in the middle, being one of the lesser known slot machines from Microgaming. It is not their newest title, either, so be aware that you will not encounter any 3D-details or similar. Cool Wolf is a good slot machine if you want to get in the right mood, however. Positivity and fun is really beaming out of this one. The colours are a bit too strong, in our humble opinion, but that was the trend when Cool Wolf was released. At the same time, it is packed with functions which makes it very playable. Above all, the 243 ways to win will surely attract a lot of players. Everyone loves to win with every spin, and Cool Wolf lets you do almost that.

Symbols and pay-outs

We were a bit disappointed by the card symbols, but these look fresh and colourful, fitted to the overall theme. Then, you have a bunch of symbols taken out of the high life this average geek lives. Money, sunglasses, cinema theatres, classic cars, pretty cheerleaders, and the main character himself. During the normal game, you see him as a geeky schoolboy in his uniform. But lest the free spins begin, and he will turn into a cool werewolf with a leather jacket and sunglasses. The theoretical pay-out (RTP) is at about 96% in this slot, meaning you can expect 96% of your money to return to your pocket in the long run.

Special functions in Cool Wolf

We must admit – without the special functions, this game would be average. But with constant payouts, broad betting options, user-friendliness, free spins, wild symbols and a special “howling wild” feature, Microgaming probably saw a massive influx of players when they released Cool Wolf. First of all, you have more than 40 wild symbols to look forward to – many of them coming in blocks and taking over the reels. Some reels will also randomly turn to wild symbols, that’s the “howling wild”. The scatter symbol is easy to spot, and will award you up to 25 free spins simultaneously. Remember the 243 ways to win – with 25 free spins and a bunch of wild symbols, you are practically guaranteed a huge reward. Microgaming has also included the auto play function, which suits perfectly for those of us who like to lean back while the reels are spinning.

Take a teenage werewolf. Throw in some small animations, a bunch of free spins and an incredibly large number of wild symbols, and you have yourself a cool game to play for a few hours. Follow the geek through his transformations, and your gaming account could grow significantly!

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Golden Goals

Score the Golden Goals and claim your huge prize! Now!

Football is truly a world sport. It is being played, and enjoyed, just about everywhere. On every continent, every country, every city and almost every open space. Just find a ball, and you’re on it. World Championship, Euro, Olympics, Champions League – the amount of competitions in the football universe is immense. FIFA, PES, and numerous other games are also made with focus on football. And now, we have another football-themed slot machine. It is made by Microgaming, the giants of the trade, and the name is Golden Goals. Golden Goals is all about football, but at the same time it is created as a classic slot machine, with everything that comes with it. Blinking lights, great details, stylised sounds, etc. It actually resembles Lucky Streak quite a lot, another brilliant classic slot from Microgaming and Quickfire, a small software developer under the wing of these giants. Golden Goals is easy to play, and football fans will surely love it.

Symbols, betting options

Golden Goals is for the football fans. If you do not like football at all, you should better try your luck on Lucky Streak. Golden Goals is easy to learn, as the classic theme rids the field of bonus games and special features that are hard to understand. Twenty pay lines, five reels, three rows. Big START-button on the bottom stars the spin, unless you want to use the auto play-function just next to it. As for the stakes, you can choose from anything between a few cents to twenty dollars per spin. Just as in Lucky Streak, the symbols are all classic. Cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, golden bells and BAR-symbols, among others. They all pay quite good if you hit a solid combination, where the wild symbol will help you out. The wild is a burning football, and five of these on the same pay line releases an impressive 10 000-coin pay-out. Extraordinary!

Special features

As there is no bonus game involved, Golden Goals becomes very easy to play. We prefer the auto play, where we can relax and lean back while the prizes are being shot into our pockets. Look out for the scatter symbol, it is the only special feature here. Three scatters give you a chance to “Go for Goal”. Two different multipliers will be applied to your winnings, and you could see up to 10 000 coins being spat out in the matter of seconds. This is a fun addition which surely will stir up some memories from the good, old days. The main colour of Golden Goals is green, with gold being the gradient. Classic sounds, classic look, classic pay-out structure.


Perfect game to have running in the background while you are watching a match. Make sure to bet high a few times – with the multipliers in place any solid stake could turn into a golden goal! Microgaming continues to impress us with their great mix of classic slot machines and modern 3D-slots. Golden Goals is just another example of why this giant company sits on the step to the throne of online gambling.


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